A Safer Place

Kerry O’Brien in conversation with Jess Hill
In partnership with HOTA, Home of the Arts, Griffith University’s A better future for all series continues with Jess Hill joining Kerry O’Brien.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many sectors to the brink, and none more so than the aviation and tourism industries, fighting unprecedented turbulence and headwinds. Borders are closed, international flights are off the cards until next year, hundreds of aircraft are grounded, and most employees are stood down or facing redundancy. So how has the industry responded so far? Has this caused inexorable change to aviation and what measures can one of the world’s oldest airlines adopt to chart a safe path out of the battering storm?

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce AC will answer those pressing questions when he appears with Kerry O’Brien at HOTA, Home of the Arts on Thursday 30 July.

In this country, one in four women has experienced violence from an intimate partner. On average, one woman is killed every week and only the most shocking capture the headlines. Most never report the crimes to the police. This scourge demands urgent attention. 

In her acclaimed first book, See What You Made Me Do, award-winning journalist, Jess Hill investigates the reasons people are reluctant or unable to leave their abusive partners, focusing particularly on the power of coercive control and shame to lock in a cycle of abuse, violence and grief, and the urgent need for more to be done to stop Australia’s epidemic of violence and control. 

Australian governments are now considering legislation to make coercive control a criminal offence, as it is in other countries, in an attempt to stem this crisis. SBS has adapted Jess’s book into a three-part series examining how this might be done and the shocking consequences that await should we fail to address this deep cultural rot, which has left too many people feeling unsafe in their own home. 

A compelling and passionate advocate, Jess’s years reporting exclusively on domestic violence in Australia make her an ideal person to discuss this highly sensitive — but utterly vital — topic. Hosted by veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien, the latest instalment of Griffith University’s conversation series, A Better Future for All, will canvass the issues at stake, what needs to be done and the obstacles to making home a safer place for everyone. 


Jess Hill 

Jess Hill is a Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist who has reported exclusively on domestic abuse since 2014. Prior to this, she was a Middle East correspondent, and worked as both a producer and reporter for various programs across the ABC, including AMPMThe World Today, and Background Briefing. In 2019, she published her first book, See What You Made Me Do, about the phenomenon of domestic abuse in Australia. It was awarded the 2020 Stella Prize, and has been shortlisted for several others, including the Walkley Book Award and the Prime Minister’s Literary Award. In 2021, SBS will broadcast a three-part adaptation of her book, and she is producing an audio documentary series with the Victorian Women’s Trust. 

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Thursday 27 May 2021

6 – 7.15 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC + 10:00)


Purchase ticket to attend in person at HOTA, Home of the Arts, Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise. Cost is $26 plus booking fees via HOTA ticketing website.



No charge.


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