A family passion for rowing and a commitment to supporting community has seen the Bitzios family actively involved with Griffith University for generations.

In fact, almost the entire family has studied at Griffith at one time or another.

The Bitzios family has been instrumental in planning of much of the transport system around the University with long term involvement in the master planning of the road and public transport scheme in the University Hospital precinct, as well as planning and design work within the campus itself.

“This partnership recently extended to Bitzios Consulting, teaming with Griffith University to secure a local cycling tourism planning project which we are very excited about,” Griffith alumnus and operations manager of Bitzios Consulting, Sherelle Bitzios said.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide Gold Coasters the opportunity to stay on the Gold Coast and work in highly specialised fields of traffic engineering and transport planning.”

As well as supporting student employment, the Bitzios family is also actively involved in and supports the Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club.

Sherelle and daughter Monique both completed studies at Griffith and are active members of the Club, with Sherelle currently on the committee.

Since 2017, the family have donated equipment including Oars, two Scull boats and a Coxes four boat to ensure athletes had the very best opportunities to succeed in their sport.

“Bitzios Consulting is a proud long-term sponsor of the University’s rowing program and seeing the program grow and its athletes succeed nationally and internationally has been enormously rewarding, particularly witnessing some of its athletes being selected for Australian teams and competing at world titles.”

“We recently donated a $20,000 four-seater rowing boat to the Club as we have always believed in giving something back to the community that has been fundamental to the growth of our business,” Sherelle said.

Four-seater boat donated by Bitzios Consulting

“Griffith University and its rowing program is an ideal choice for us as it aligns with our business philosophy of supporting young adults on the Gold Coast to grow and prosper; whether that be in business or in sport.”

Griffith’s Head Rowing Coach, Lincoln Handley says in a competitive environment having access to the same standard of equipment as major competitors assists athletes in achieving their best performance.

“The reality is that rowing equipment is expensive and like all aquatic equipment has a limited lifespan. The Bitzios family contribution to the club over the years has helped athletes exponentially,” Lincoln said.

“It’s lovely to see a family so involved with the University even after they have graduated from their chosen degrees and gone on to build an exceptional business. Their intent is to pave the way for others to have the same learning experience and give back to their community.”

Bitzios Consulting is one of Australia’s leading specialist traffic engineering and transport planning consultants with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The company undertakes projects throughout Australia and internationally, servicing all levels of government and the private sector. The majority of its staff are Griffith graduates.

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