Griffith University’s School of Education and Professional Studies will againhost the annual Creating Futures Summit, shininga spotlight on issues relating to the teaching profession.

The free immersive virtual experiencewill focuson Quality Teaching of Reading in the Early Years, with a focal pointon the place of phonics in a balanced approach to the teaching of reading.

The event will be much more than a conference or a talk fest — it is where informed and creative educators and educational stakeholders come together to shape-shift the work in initial teacher education and support beginner teacher experiences, school leadership initiatives and key stakeholder policy decisions.After the summit, we then collectively enact the way forward.

Avirtual community of hundreds of participants, inclusive of a range of stakeholders, such as teaching academics from higher education institutions, researchers, school leaders and teachers from all schooling sectors, educators from early childhood education contexts, preservice teachers, representatives from peak educational associations, and community representativeswill be in attendance.

Register now to join our team of guest speakers for short TEDx style contributions, interactive conversations, inspiring case studies and workshops on Tuesday 30 March 2021.

4: Quality Education
UN Sustainable Development Goals 4: Quality Education