Alumni harness the power of song online

Queensland Conservatorium alumnus Oliver Boyd is one of a trio of music graduates behind Project Lieder - a new online concert collaboration.

Griffith music alumni based in London and Berlin are collaborating on a transcontinental virtual concert series. 

With COVID lockdowns across Europe limiting live performance, the trio of Queensland Conservatorium graduates decided to make their own opportunities. 

Pianist Elli Welsh is based in London, where she is undertaking post-graduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music. Opera singers Oliver Boyd and Rachel Pines are studying and working in Berlin. 

Together, they created Project Lieder, which is a virtual showcase for their musical talents. 

The trio’s first concert will drop this Sunday.

Baritone Oliver Boyd

“It has everything – humour, heartbreak, love, betrayal,” Oliver said. 

“All of these songs are about the twists and turns of love.  

“The lyrics are timeless and relatable, and the music is beautiful – we hope this is the first of many concerts to come. 

The project has been pulled together via Zoom, using iPhones, laptops and basic recording equipment.  

Rachel, who graduated from the Master of Music Studies in 2016, said the collaboration had allowed the musicians to upskill as they learned how to record, film and edit as the project progressed. 

Soprano Rachel Pines

“Hearing the finished audio tracks is wonderful. It’s amazing what you can do with phones, home audio equipment and software,” she said. 

“Our creativity keeps feeding off each other, which has been so exciting. 

“An added bonus has been picking up these new skills that are so valuable to young musicians.” 

Elli completed a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music Studies at the Queensland Conservatorium, and is studying in London thanks to the Queensland Conservatorium Ena Williams Award for Postgraduate Study Overseas, worth $40,000. 

Pianist Elli Welsh

She said her studies at the Queensland Conservatorium taught her the value of creating her own musical opportunities. 

“Being proactive about what you want to do, and seeking those opportunities is important,” Elli said. 

“We all met and worked together during our studies at the Conservatorium and we’re passionate about sharing this music in an engaging, relevant and accessible way.”  

 Oliver said the connections forged while studying gave him the confidence to create his own path in the industry. 

 “My time at the Con taught me to take ownership of your craft and creativity,” he said. 

Some of the coaches and collaborators we work with now, were introduced to us through the Con – these connections are invaluable.  

Without the world-class training that we all received before moving abroad it is unlikely we would have had the ability to do projects like this one. 

The Con encourages students to spread their wings and take on challenges.” 

Tickets to Project Lieder’s debut concert are available nowThe concert will premiere on 14 March at 2pm AEST and is available to view on demand for a further two weeks.