Global WIL in 2020: Facilitating authentic professional experience in Korea

Claire Doherty.

Bolstering employability by developing transversal skills and attributes that employers are seeking in graduate applicants, Claire Doherty is currently completing a Remote Global Internship with Jost&Co in Seoul as part of the Griffith Asia Business Internship (GABI) Program, a 20 credit point Griffith Asia Institute elective course delivered during Trimester 3.

The comprehensive Asia Ready Program includes cultural online classes such as cooking.

Claire is among 29 Griffith Business School students currently attaining Global WIL experiences by participating in the GABI Program and remotely working with host organisations based in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

Not only do participants build skills, knowledge, digital capability and industry connections, additional benefits include the development of cultural capacity and more specifically, Asia literacy as part of a comprehensive Asia Ready Program, including introductory history, culture, education and politics sessions, language classes, industry partner sessions, and cultural online classes, including cooking, film writing, K-Pop and a Makgeolli workshop.

As highlighted by Dr Andrea Haefner, Course Convenor of GABI,

‘it is great to see that students are still able to engage with Asia, learn about a new culture and work with an overseas company during unprecedented times’.

Adapt and become career ready

Claire Doherty, supported by New Colombo Plan (NCP) virtual mobility funding, is a Nathan based double degree Asian Studies and Government and International Relations student who previously completed a six-month student exchange at Korea University in Seoul. Driven by curiosity and learning, coupled with a love for travel and thirst for history and culture, Claire highlights:

‘My primary objective in applying for the GABI Program was to gain a comprehensive insight into the consultancy industry whilst learning about the private sector.’

Screenshot of meeting with AustChamKorea.

‘Additionally, I was interested in understanding the relationship between corporate culture and employee turnover, success and motivation.‘

Fittingly, Claire is currently completing a Remote Global Internship with JOST&Co, a management consultancy organisation based in Seoul and Melbourne, specialising in culture, change and leadership. Working with the JOST&Co team, Claire is undertaking a range of projects in response to client needs, bolstering her employability by gaining real-world experience and building professional networks. Reflecting on the value of the Remote Global Internship, Claire identifies the competitive edge that she is attaining by participating in the Program.

‘I am learning about Korean business practices and this is definitely in my favour as I aim to work in South Korea.’

‘Having a clearer understanding of the operations of an Australian consultancy firm based in-country is highly advantageous.’

As an Intern with JOST&Co, I not only complete a variety of tasks, but also attend weekly meetings, including with the Directors, Finance and Operations. As a result, I have learned a lot about the various tools and platforms the organisation utilises, as well as gaining insight into research and development and a more in-depth understanding of financial considerations. Overall, immersing myself in these meetings is providing me with the opportunity to maximise business exposure and regularly interact with colleagues, including the Co-CEOs and Directors.

‘Having the opportunity to participate in various board meetings with industry professionals is a truly unique experience that can’t be gained elsewhere.’

Taking all opportunities

Encouraging current and future students considering participation in the GABI Program, Claire enthusiastically highlights:

‘My biggest tip for students is to seize amazing opportunities even during a pandemic.’

‘Due to COVID-19, my Remote Global Internship is still beneficial to paving my career pathway. The experience has not only increased my confidence in career choice but also my knowledge and understanding of a new industry.’

The GABI Programstrengthens people-to-people connections, supports business and university linkages, as well as forges closer country-to-country relations.The initiative delivers value to both students and host organisations, in turn shaping the next generation of Asia-ready leaders by facilitating authentic professional experience in the region in support of graduate success.

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