Griffith’s Young Water Professional leads the way

Awarding of the 2020 Young Water Professional of the Year. From left to right: Dr Nicole Davis (General Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, Redland City Council), Dr Lachlan Guthrie (Griffith’s International Water Centre and Australian Rivers Institute) and Mr Phillip Wittke (Marketing Manager Oceania)

Dr Lachlan Guthrie from Griffith’s International Water Centre and the Australian Rivers Institute has won the 2020 Young Water Professional of the Year at the Queensland Water Awards for his work on how COVID-19 impacts water security.

Dr Guthrie said he was pleasantly surprised by the award, acknowledging that he worked with great teams and mentors that allowed him to excel in the water sector.

“When you’re surrounded by others working on innovative projects that have tangible and positive effects on people’s lives it’s easy to push yourself to the best of your ability.

COVID-19 Water Security Risk Index for fighting COVID-19 in the Indo-Pacific

“I’ve worked on some incredible projects, my most recent project will help the Department of Foreign Affairs make better informed decisions to help tackle COVID-19 in the Indo Pacific.”

Dr Guthrie’s work investigated the different ways water security and the virus impact one another.

“We’ve been able to show that water can play a major role in the response and recovery from COVID-19, not just hygiene which is obviously very important.

“I’ve always been passionate about sustainable development and the role that water can play in improving the lives of the most vulnerable people.”

The Young Water Professional of the Year says he is now more motivated than ever to continue using innovation to help improve people’s lives.

“Seeing my work applied and having a positive effect is something that gives me even more drive to continue on the path that I’m on promoting the Sustainable Development Goals throughout the Australian and global water sectors,” Dr Guthrie said.

Dr Guthrie is now a National Finalist for the Australian Young Water Professional of the Year, in Adelaide next May.

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