Griffith ranks world #17 in Artificial Intelligence

Griffith University’s reputation in artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow — ranking world number 17 in the latest AI Research Index and the best in Queensland.

Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems (IIIS) Director Professor Yongsheng Gao said being one of four Australian universities ranked in the index was an excellent result — reflecting the quality of research and publication success conducted by Griffith researchers.

Professor Yongsheng Gao

“Our aim is to harness artificial intelligence technologies to create user-friendly, effective and adaptive systems, capable of responding to the needs and challenges of complex, changing and unpredictable environments,’’ he said.

“We conduct basic research that advances the scientific knowledge base, contributes to the fundamental theory, discovers new theories and develops new technology.

“The AI Research Index ranking highlights our strength in AI research — which will help us secure critical future funding.”

Using satellite images for early detection of bushfires, an intelligent remote water quality monitoring platform to address waterway environmental sustainability and big data analytics are just some of the artificial intelligence projects underway at IIIS.

Professor Paulo de Souza, Head of the School of Information and Communication Technology, said the AI ranking was external recognition of Griffith’s strong performance in artificial intelligence.

Professor Paulo De Souza

“It’s a reflection of our research, academic and students’ successes,’’ he said.

“This strength in research is being brought into our teaching, for example, with the new micro-credential Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

“It’s designed for leaders who want to understand the latest technology with a view to applying it to their business, enterprise or organisation.AI has enormous potential, but it’s important to understand the ethics of using it safely. This course will teach students how to do this.”

“AI is transforming how we engage with industry. It’s moved from being a buzz IT term to now very real employment opportunities,’’ said Griffith University ICT Industry Advisory Board Adjunct Associate Professor Peter Johnson.

“It is the fastest growing division in the ICT sector with Griffith University students having developed skills to be “employmentready” in this post COVID-19 industry.

“The IT industry is seeking these skilled Griffith graduates to not only empower regional Australia in various high-profile sectors such as agricultural, health and mining but to take the lead in creating new roles in all sectorsacross all industries.”

Compiled by Korea’s Software Policy & Research Institute, the index ranks the value of AI research performance and competency from 2016-2019 which includes the number of academic studies and citations per publication.