Marketing grad helps businesses pivot during COVID-19

Hayley Peters Oh My Digital Griffith Business School
Hayley Peters.

Hayley Peters’ digital marketing agency is helping businesses to future-proof themselves. While other companies were hard hit by COVID-19, Hayley’s agency Oh My Digital was thriving, helping clients to pivot online.

“People have been moving their stores online and we help them in finding ways to offer their products and services in ways they haven’t even thought of before. We help them strategise to reach their ideal target market and help them find all new audiences in some instances,” she says.

Hayley discovered her passion for marketing when she was a teenager working in retail. “It’s a funny story actually. I was in the back office looking at a catalog and my manager said ‘You should do that!’ And I was like ‘What?’ and he pointed at the catalog and said, ‘That. You’re good at profiling people and when you’re out there selling to them you’re good at working out what people want and, and how to help solve their problems. You’d be a good marketer.’ It hadn’t really occurred to me until then. That was what lit the fire.”

The Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing graduate says she still uses so many of the things she learnt at Griffith University in her work today. “I still use all my old textbooks whenever I need to go back to basics!” she laughs. “But really Griffith was really good at relationship building for me. They really prepared me for the real world and helped get me out of my comfort zone… The assessments were always really practical and useful in real-life situations. We got feedback that was really honest and helped prepare us for the workforce.

“I chose to study at Griffith because the courses were so flexible. I loved that there were so many options available to me and I could pick and choose the ones that I was interested in,” Hayley says. And it was the amount of choice that allowed Hayley to gain a broad range of knowledge and have transferable skills to set her up for success in the business world.

She says that marketing is an excellent major choice for people wanting to solve a problem in a creative way. “Marketing is ever-changing and always interesting. It’s a very stable industry because businesses will always need it. If you’re looking for something that can give you a strategic outlet combined with a creative outlet and encourages you to dive a little bit deeper, ask questions and find solutions. That’s what marketing is really about.”