Open House takes aspiring performers behind the scenes

Aspiring musicians can get a sneak peek of the new online audition process for the Queensland Conservatorium as part of Griffith’s 12-week virtual Open House initiative, the on-demand alternative to the traditional Open Day.

This week, Open House will showcase music and performing arts at Griffith, with live chat sessions, webinars, videos and career talks.

A range of online resources are available, including a series of videos with tips for students auditioning online for music, acting and musical theatre degrees at the Queensland Conservatorium.

Professor Gemma Carey

Queensland Conservatorium Acting Director Professor Gemma Carey said Open House would give potential students unique insights into life at the Conservatorium.

“This year, anyone interested in studying at the Conservatorium can go behind the scenes and find out what life is like at the Con, thanks to a whole host of online resources on the Open House platform,” she said.

“There is everything from a tour of the facilities to live chats with staff, webinars and videos that guide potential students through the audition process.

“The Conservatorium remains a dream destination for musicians from all walks of life, and the virtual Open House allows potential students from around the world to access the information and support they need to start their journey.”

Associate Professor Peter Morris

Queensland Conservatorium Deputy Director (Engagement) Associate Professor Peter Morris said the online audition process offered several key advantages.

“Across the industry, performers are increasingly using new technologies to audition,” he said.

“I think performers are more comfortable using online platforms and social media to share their work.

“It’s exciting to be able to harness the potential of the technology available to us.

“As one of Australia’s leading conservatoires, our students come from every corner of the country, and from overseas.

“This year’s online process makes it is easier and more accessible to apply and audition.

“It began as a necessary response to social distancing requirements, but we’re proud of the innovations we’ve made to the audition process, which is hopefully a little less daunting this year.”

Queensland Conservatorium student Harry Egerton

Bachelor of Music student Harry Egerton took part in a trial of the online audition process several years ago. The talented violinist auditioned with his twin brother, and said the online process made it easier to negotiate from their home in Toowoomba.

“The online audition meant that I was able to rehearse with my accompanist back in Toowoomba, rather than making several trips up to Brisbane to prepare,” he said.

“I also found it really helpful to watch my video audition takes – you pick up on things that you’re not aware of when you’re playing.”

Queensland Conservatorium student Alla Yarosh

Classical voice student Alla Yarosh also took part in the online audition trial. Her advice to prospective students was to channel their nerves and let their passion shine through.

“It’s OK to have nerves – it shows you care,” she said.

“No one here is expecting a final, polished product – the online audition is about showing your potential and your passion for music.

“Life at the Con is all about harnessing that potential.”

Open House is available on-demand, 24/7 until 1 October. Visit Griffith Open House to register.