High flying Griffith legal eagles have been recognised in Australia’s Best Lawyers List 2020.

Several Griffith Law School alumni have found themselves on the list of Australia’s best in the legal profession, with vast expertise covering the complex fields of energy, mining, natural resources, entertainment, intellectual property, native title and equity capital markets law.

Alumnus Alicia Hill is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation and has been included in the Best Lawyers List for the fourth time.

Alumnus Alicia Hill scored a place on the Best Lawyer List.

“I have been on the Best Lawyers List since 2017 and each year it always feels to me to be a privilege to have your peers consider you to be good at what you do,” Alicia said.

Drawn to litigation, Alicia said she enjoyed the ability to guide and assist clients and parties to resolves issues that had become intractable.

“(Litigation) is a process that allows for the determination of an issue that the parties themselves have been unable to resolve between themselves,” she said.

“I like that you not only get to provide advice on the law and argue which version is correct in any given situation, but also the ability to design and implement strategy to attempt to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the client in any dispute.”

The commercial litigation specialist said she fondly remembered her time at Griffith, where she enjoyed great camaraderie between law students.

“We were the third class of the Law School to graduate and if there was a social function on, it seemed we would all be there,” she said.

Dean of Law and Head of School Associate Professor Therese Wilson said it was wonderful to see so many Griffith Law School alumni listed.

Associate Professor Therese Wilson.

“This is an international list involving rigorous peer review by experts in the field, and to be included in the list is a testament to the high quality of work so many of our alumni are engaged in within the legal profession,” Associate Professor Wilson said.

“Our Griffith Law School alumni, including those named in the list, are so generous in supporting current Griffith Law School students too, for example, through coaching, mentoring, and attending student careers events, which means we are already fostering many future generations of ‘Best Lawyers’.”

Other Griffith alumni included Aleisa Crepin, Shannon Etwell, Tanya Denning, Belinda Breakspear, Glenn Vassallo and Libby McKillop.

For more than 30 years, Best Lawyers has published the world’s premier guide for the legal profession and recognised top legal talent in more than 70 countries worldwide.