Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz from theSchool of Criminology & Criminal Justiceand Griffith Criminology Institute has been appointed to the Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board by theHonourable Yvette D’Ath MP, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

The Board was established to identify preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of domestic and family violence deaths in Queensland and increase awareness and recognition of the impact, context, and circumstances surrounding domestic and family violence.

The Board is chaired by Queensland State Coroner Mr Terry Ryan.

Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz

During her three-year term, Dr Dragiewicz’s role will include reviewing the domestic and family violence death cases in Queensland. Her research expertise on domestic violence at separation and technology-facilitated coercive control provides a foundation of expertise for the role.

Dr Dragiewiczsaid she was honoured to join the advisory board.

“The board plays an important role in analysing data on domestic and family violence deaths in Queensland and making systemic recommendations to government in order to prevent future deaths,’’ she said.

“While COVID-19 has brought fresh attention to domestic violence, risks to victims and the broader community are ongoing. The board is continuing its work online during the pandemic.”

Griffith University offers innovative undergraduate intensive courses on domestic and family violence in Law and Social Work.

It also runs the MATE bystander intervention program which teaches skills for preventing violence.