Studying musical theatre at the Con

A degree from theQueensland Conservatorium Griffith Universitycan take you down many career paths. From Eurovision finalists, Kate Miller-Heidke and Dami Im to Tim Davies, who orchestrated the music for La La Land and Frozen, many of the Conservatorium’s graduates have found remarkable success.

In this series, we asked students from the Conservatorium to share their experiences at university. This week we are highlighting Danielle Remulta who is studying a Bachelor of Music Theatre.

What do you love most about Queensland Conservatorium and why did you come here to study?

What I love most about the Conservatorium is that as young performers and artists our unique qualities are recognised, and not all of us have to be a “cookie cut shape” of a stereotypical performer. Our strengths and weaknesses are acknowledged, and we are taught to be aware of our life experiences as humans and how this moulds with our life as performers.

I actually didn’t expect to study at the Conservatorium. I knew that it was hard to get into the course, so I had another degree lined up. BUT, I was so blown away with how positive my audition experience was! I remember not feeling nervous but really excited for the day… I think that gut feeling of “feeling at home” played a huge part in choosing to study at the Con.

What is a regular day in the life at university for you?

A regular day at uni is definitely full surprises and great classes! My schedule was really busy ranging from dance classes, music theory, acting, voice and speech, private voice lessons and show rehearsals. The times would usually start at 9am and finish at 6pm, some days we’d even stay at the studios for longer if we were rehearsing for a show!

In saying this, our busy schedule is so worth it! Nothing can compare to the training we get just by having quality time in our classes. My improvements in technique from first year to now is mind-blowing! It’s crazy how time flies!

Have there been any classes or specific teachers who have inspired you throughout your time here?

In second year, I was able to be a part of a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) which challenged but improved my technique in so many ways. Thanks to Professor Paul Sabey, we were able to have top quality Music Directors, Directors, Casting Directors, Choreographers and Coaches come in for two weeks at Burke St Studios. Each day brought a new a challenge as we had a different workshop almost every day. Looking back on that experience, there was definitely sweat and tears poured into those challenging days, but I’m so grateful for PDW and the rewards that came afterward!!

I am beyond to grateful to have had Dr Melissa Agnew as a Voice and Speech teacher over the past 3(ish) years. Because of her, I have definitely become more aware of how powerful my voice and words are. After every class, I’m always encouraged to think intelligently of how the voice functions in society and the wider world.

What advice do you have for future students?

My advice would be to look outwards to your peers who are struggling financially, mentally and physically. I think having a busy schedule, especially in the theatre world allows a “me” mentality to creep in, I definitely struggled with that in the first couple of months of university.

I found that the days I looked out for my friends who were overwhelmed and didn’t have the best day, were the days when I felt happier because I was reminded that as ‘uni family’ we all have to help each other through the lows and celebrate the highs together. Going into university with a “team” mentality and not a “me” mentality will 100% make uni life SO much better!

Why Musical Theatre?

Musical theatre opens up so many versatile avenues for artists! For example, you can decide that performing on stage isn’t for you, but you love directing and writing. Maybe you have a passion for teaching and decide to become a Singing Teacher…Choosing Musical Theatre means choosing a career with endless possibilities!

Have you had many opportunities to perform? Which one was your favorite and why?

I always love our Christmas Carols at St. John’s Cathedral, which we do at the end of every year! I always look forward to it because it’s like an end of year party. We get to dress up (no theatre blacks in sight!), sing at an amazing venue and celebrate finishing the year with the whole Performing Arts Department.


What is your proudest achievement so far?

Ooh big question! But I feel that my proudest achievement so far is balancing all other factors of my life on top of university commitments. Having to balance church, teaching work and gigs with a busy uni schedule, hasn’t been the easiest ride because it definitely felt overwhelming looking at a packed calendar schedule. It’s challenged my time management skills, but I’ve definitely become more creative and organised over the past couple of years.

And lastly, what’s your favorite musical of all time?

This is a hard question! So I’ll go with my top two musicals :

Company (Stephen Sondheim) and The Last Five Years (Jason Robert Brown)