Biology’s a breeze thanks to Griffith YouTube stars

Dr Matt Barton and Dr Mike Todorovic

Two Griffith University lecturers making educational science videos easily accessible for high school students have seen a surge in engagement on their Youtube channel, surpassing 50,000 subscribers and more than 3.2 million views of their videos.

Senior lecturers, Dr. Mike Todorovic and Dr. Matthew Barton, created the YouTube channel called ‘Dr Matt & Dr Mike’ to broadcast their short concept captured videos on a wide range of health and science-related topics such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology.

“We created our Youtube channel in 2017 and was originally used as a supplementary resource for nursing students,” Dr Mike Todorovic said.

The pair has since expanded their videos to include a range of different science and medical subjects.

Dr Matt and Dr Mike were also weekly guests on ABC Radio Brisbane Evenings program for several years answering listeners’ questions on a variety of health, biology and physiological topics, which further expanded their audience.

The channel has now gained national and international recognition from students across a variety of different health fields including medicine, physiotherapy, speech pathology, exercise science, and biochemistry.

With learning online from home becoming the new norm for school students due to COVID-19 disruption, Dr. Todorovic and Dr. Barton saw a need to create a range of educational videos for senior high school students.

“We have created a playlist for high school students studying senior biology, to help them address their learning outcomes in this online space,” Dr Todorovic said.

All the videos within the playlist — titled Senior Biology | QLD Education — conform to the Queensland Senior High School Biology Syllabus.

The videos cover material from the four units of senior biology which includes cells and multicellular organisms, maintaining the internal environment, biodiversity and interconnections of life and heredity and continuity of life.

Biology is the most studied science among high school students. In 2019, there were more than 12,000 year Queensland 12 students studying biology.

The channel can be viewed by high school students at no cost to them.

“These videos are free to use and we are constantly updating our content,” Dr Todorovic said.

“They may help senior biology students stay on track with their studying and education, via a fun, easy and concise platform.”