Student Investment Fund prepared Griffith alumnus for future world of work

Adam Bozic JBWere Commerce Griffith University
Adam Bozic.

As a mature-age student, Adam Bozic knew he had to study somewhere that gave him opportunities that would set him apart when he graduated. Now an analyst with JBWere, Adam says he knows choosing Griffith Business School was what helped get him over the line.

“I came back to university at the age of 22, which is a bit older than others in my cohort, after starting a degree that didn’t suit me and working as a carpenter,” he explains.

“One of the biggest things I wanted to make sure of this second time through is I wanted to be more engaged while I was studying, and that’s one of the reasons Griffith appealed to me–that extra opportunity to engage more if I wanted more.”

Throughout his business studies with majors in Economics and Finance, Adam got involved with a number of opportunities that he says helped make him more employable.

“When I was choosing where I wanted to study, the chance to do a double major was particularly attractive. And then knowing I would get to participate in huge opportunities like the Student Investment Fund was a major drawcard. It gave us the opportunity to invest real money and make trading decisions that would make an impact in the real world. Having that kind of experience before graduation is just incredible,” Adam explains.

The Student Investment Fund provides outstanding finance students with access to one of Queensland’s largest student-managed investment funds, totalling $250,000. Finance students can enrol in a course where they analyse, evaluate and invest in socially responsible, ASX-listed companies. Using Griffith’s Trading Rooms, live data and real money, students gain unparalleled practical experience.

Employers seemed impressed when I told them I’d been a part of a project that invested real money. I think that puts you up on a very different playing field having that base understanding–even though that’s not what I do now, I’m actually on the other side of it–but it definitely helps,” Adam says.

In addition to his coursework, Adam also took up the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities, which he says helped give him an edge when it came time to graduate.

“I was the secretary of the Griffith University Association of Commerce in its foundational year and I found being engaged on that level extremely beneficial,” he says.

“Going on an international exchange was another thing I wanted to do this time around at uni and that was an extremely worthwhile experience. I went to the University of Waterloo in Canada, and it was so great to see a different style of teaching, and learning totally different things that I could then bring back with me to enhance my time at Griffith.”

Adam says it was all these things combined that helped him get his initial position at JBWere, and a combination of hard work and demonstration of skills he learnt at Griffith that helped keep him there.

“Now that I’m an analyst, I support three professional and highly respected advisers in private wealth management managing high and ultra-high net worth individuals, charities and not-for-profit groups. They have welcomed new ideas and with their support, I have introduced ideas and processes which enhances the governance and compliance of managing complex accounts, and to the revenue growth of their business, which I can directly relate back to my learning at Griffith.”

Adam wants to make sure that he can use some of his experience to help other students at Griffith reach their potential in the same way.

“Now that I’m on the other side I can give back to the institution that effectively launched my career in the industry. It’s not an easy industry to get into; it’s very competitive. I’ve had some very competitive interviews, so if I can benefit someone in any way, by helping them get the most of their Griffith experience and transition into the world of work, I want to do that.

“I would not be where I am now without Griffith and the tremendous amount of support and opportunities that are available. That’s why I’m happy to give back to the community that allowed me to be where I am now.”