Attaboy! Top tax expert recognised with ATTA-Hill Medal

Professor Brett Freudenberg has been awarded an ATTA-Hill Medal.

Griffith Business School’s Professor Brett Freudenberg has been acknowledged for his passion and commitment to tax law.

Professor Freudenberg was awarded the ATTA-Hill Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to tax policy and teaching in Australia.

When asked what he enjoyed about tax Professor Freudenberg said, “What is there not to love?”

“Tax is such a critical part of modern society, as without it, governments would not have the funds to provide for critical spending,” he said.

“Of course, how best to design our tax system is no easy task and there is much debate about who should be paying tax, at what rate and how business activity is taxed.

“It is because of this richness that tax is a great topic to both teach and research, as without tax we wouldn’t have the basis of a civilised society.”

Professor Freudenberg said it was an honour to receive the medal, named after the late Justice Graham Hill – a highly respected contributor to the tax judiciary and tax education. He was also the first patron of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association (ATTA).

PVC Prof David Grant

“I am really humbled to be recognised with the ATTA-Hill Medal, as I join the company of some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading tax academics,” Professor Freudenberg said.

“I remember Justice Hill fondly from when I joined academia more than 18 years ago.

“He was such a leading light in critically reflecting upon the tax law and its application.”

Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) Professor David Grant said Professor Freudenberg was an asset to Griffith University.

“We are extremely lucky to have someone as passionate about their subject area as Professor Freudenberg at Griffith Business School,” Professor Grant said.

“His tax expertise is unmatched and the ATTA-Hill Medal for his contribution to tax law in Australia is well-deserved.”