Griffith Business School’s exclusive BusinessPLUS program has proven it’s the step up students need when they enter the workplace. Launched in 2018, the BusinessPLUS program has seen many students past and present credit the program with early career success.

The program sees students complete a selection of career enhancing activities and workshops over the course of their degree aimed at ensuring a high level of employability after graduation.

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management student Georgia Kelly has yet to graduate, but has already seen the benefits of BusinessPLUS firsthand when she applied for a part-time job with Sofitel Brisbane.

“Working in the industry while at university really gives a great crossover between my studies and gaining experience in my chosen field,” Georgia explains. “The BusinessPLUS program taught me how to create an effective online portfolio that I used in my profile on LinkedIn, which assisted when Sofitel Brisbane were looking at my resume.”

For Bachelor of Business graduate Keely Hayes, her involvement with BusinessPLUS not only helped her secure employment, but also gave her skills beyond her degree.

“BusinessPLUS just gave me all the tools for success,” she says. “By graduation, I had all this internship and volunteering experience that I was able to put into my resume, which is really what a lot of the graduate programs were after.

One thing that I found extremely beneficial was the annual BusinessPLUS Employability Conference that featured people currently in graduate programs explaining their experiences and how they got into that role… That was such a big help because it gave me a head start on knowing what I needed to have the edge when I graduated. All of that combined really helped me get my role as a Human Capital Analyst at Deloitte,” Keely explains.

“If you want to have all the tools in your toolbox ready to go when you go for that job, then you should get involved with BusinessPLUS,”

Aria Ferguson

Aria Ferguson.

Aria Ferguson says BusinessPLUS not only helped her get her current job, but is still assisting her in shaping her career goals today.

“The skills I’ve learnt from BusinessPLUS are ones that I will take with me for all of my career,” the Marketing Coordinator at Summernats says. “It provided me with engaging and relevant workshops that helped me in developing my professional portfolio, my online presence and my resume, which boosted my employability.

“I became actively engaged in extracurricular activities that really established my learning and capabilities. I also found an amazing and creative mentor who has helped guide my future career, all of which would not have happened without BusinessPLUS.”

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