Global Intern photo competition: A picture paints a thousand words!

Rovin Distor's photo captured a sense of triumph and appreciation.
Camille Aeriel Sonido’s wining photo.

Increasing competitiveness in the international market place by strengthening skills and broadening a global citizen outlook, Global Internships develop the ability to work in diverse groups, listen to different points of view, and be open and flexible to change. The experience also boosts confidence and adaptability while providing the opportunity to build professional connections and form lifelong friendships.

To share the fond memoriesand to celebrate the completion of the Trimester 3, Global Mobility Business Internship Program,students are encouraged toenter theGlobal Internship PhotoCompetition.A popular initiative, submissions open a special window to view the experiences enjoyed across internship destinations, i.e. in 2019, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Collectively, entries provide a snap shot collage of colour, dynamism and diversity, withcongratulationsto our first place winner,Camille Aeriel Sonido(Tokyo intern); and equal second place winners,Tiarni RoiandRovin Distor(both Hong Kong interns).

Camille’s photo was taken in Kyoto, Japan, highlighting the unique traditions of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Tiarni Roi’s ‘Slaying the dragon’ entry.

Tiarni coined her photo ‘Slaying the Dragon’, showing her excitement to reach the peak of the Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail in Hong Kong. The photo resonated with Tiarni as it, ‘served as a reminder about how diverse and beautiful Hong Kong truly is, just a short bus ride from the crowded city is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen’.

Similarly, Rovin’s photo captured a sense of triumph and appreciation, while completing a hike to Suicide Peak in Hong Kong. Rovin submitted the photo noting, ‘I was physically challenged to overcome a mountainous terrain. The view from the top is breathtaking.’

As in previous years, a big thanks toMelissaGarcia Nunez, Griffith Global Mobility who kindly agreed to judge the entries. Mel was impressed by the quality of submissions and commented on the difficulty to choose just three finalists.

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