A feast for the senses at Sydney Festival

Queensland College of Art lecturer Justene Williams is generating buzz with her new show at the Sydney Festival, which features a string orchestra, puppets, edible props and a guest appearance by The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins.

“I feel like the ringmaster at a circus – this is definitely the biggest show of my career,” Ms Williams said.

She Conjured the Clouds is a multi-sensory interactive installation that uses video, photography, sculpture and performance. The show is designed to be accessible for hearing impaired audiences and blur the boundaries between art and theatre.

“I wanted to create a experience that was immersive and my intention from the beginning was to explore the idea of communicating via the body, using through Auslan and dance,” she said.

“This show is about engaging all of the senses.”

The surreal technicolour fairytale was inspired by Ms Williams’ two-year-old daughter, and younger audiences will be delighted by the edible scenery and presence of the Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins.

“All the little kids love Emma,” Ms Williams said.

“She has a special interest in Auslan and dance, which is why she came on board as a choreographer and performer.”

Bachelor of Fine Art graduate Natalie Houston recently had the opportunity to help install the work in Sydney, and Ms Williams hopes the show inspires her current students at the QCA.

“I hope my students take away the idea that visual arts can encompass everything from sculpture and performance to installation, photography and painting.”

She Conjured the Clouds is on at the Campbelltown Arts Centre from January 16-18.