Griffith University continues to shine a light on women and girls as well as gender equality by partnering with the Women of the World Foundation (WOW).

The partnership renewal will see Griffith provide WOW with integration, support and promotions for the International Day of The Girl events in October and the WOW Australia festivals until 2022.

Dean of Engagement at Griffith Business School Professor Anne Tiernan said the partnership will benefit many parts of the University.

“Supporting WOW aligns with Griffith’s values of diversity and inclusion.”

“The partnership will help to educate the community and explore issues and conversations affecting women from social and cultural boundaries,” Professor Tiernan said.

WOW Australia Executive Producer Cathy Hunt echoed Professor Tiernan’s sentiments stating aligned values were a driving force behind the latest partnership.

“I think great relations blossom when your values set is aligned and therefore, you’re both trying to achieve the same thing” said Hunt.

“Griffith was a sponsor in 2018 when we presented WOW as part of the Commonwealth Games cultural program, and we wanted to continue our relationship with the University because through their new strategy now announced, it’s clear their values are completely aligned to ours.”

Image: Twitter

Ms Hunt said WOW festivals are produced across the world with local organisations such as Of One Mind in Brisbane, in partnership with the global WOW Foundation, celebrating women and girls and raising global awareness of the issues they face.

“This will showcase some of the excellent work that Griffith is doing promoting gender equality and some of the amazing women who are part of Griffith.”

Partnering with Of One Mind and the WOW celebrations allows Griffith to work alongside an organisation delivering a positive impact and message both domestically and globally.

Griffith University HR Lead of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Marnie King is also excited by the opportunity.

“Engagement with WOW provides Griffith with a fantastic opportunity to further promote a diversity of voices on gender equity” she said.

“We are excited by what this will mean for our Griffith community.”

In the first week of April 2020 the WOW Festival will include three days of world-class speakers, interviews, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops and mentoring, many with the support of Griffith University staff, students, interns and volunteers.