Nathan Brierley is kicking career goals, having recently been promoted to Senior Economist at the world-renowned Deloitte Access Economics. It’s a position he credits to hard work, dedication and the extracurricular opportunities he had access to, thanks to choosing to study his Bachelor of Commerce at Griffith University.

“The massive range of programs and opportunities I had at Griffith was what helped prepare me for the future of work,” Nathan explains.

“The course work is only one element of the benefits of a Griffith degree but it’s the extras that set them apart.

“The Griffith difference is all about the extra things they offer beyond the books. It’s internship programs, the industry connections, and the staff that have up-to-date experience in the field. That’s what I found most beneficial; being able to get that real-world experience.”

While he was studying, Nathan undertook an internship with the Department of State Development where he was able to apply the skills he’d learned at university to real-world problems.

“When I was going for job interviews in my final year, I was able to draw on my experience at the Department of State Development, which helped me get the job I have now,” he says. “The internship was the course I got the most out of at university, in terms of preparing me for the workplace.”

Nathan was also able to build on his soft business skills thanks to the many extracurricular opportunities he participated in, including the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program, being a member of the Honours College, as well as his involvement with various clubs and societies.

“The range of extracurricular programs at Griffith benefited me immensely,” the Bachelor of Commerce graduate says. “Workshops, activities helped me develop crucial soft skills that set me apart from other candidates for top-level jobs.

“One of the most valuable things it helped with was creating networks. I still keep in contact with a lot of people from Griffith and it’s helpful to know people in different industries and positions all over the country from a business standpoint.”

“When it came time to apply for jobs, I was confident that my participation in various clubs and societies, being a part of the Griffith Honours College and what I learned in the Student Leadership Program made me a more competitive, well-rounded candidate.”

Nathan made the decision to choose to study at Griffith University while he was still at high school, thanks to the GriffithBUSINESS Schools Outreach Program. While still doing his senior year, the program saw Nathan attend workshops at Griffith, which made him much more comfortable starting his tertiary studies. “I found the Schools Outreach Program extremely useful. It made the transition to university so much easier for me and was actually one of the main driving factors in me choosing to study at Griffith.”

He also says the connection with industry, ensuring up to the minute coursework and teachers that help shape the future of the industry was another reason he chose Griffith Business School. “I think Griffith Business School does partnerships with industry incredibly well,” he says. “You can’t understate the importance of Griffith’s strong connection with industry and employers.”

And after receiving mentorship through his studies that both inspired and motivated him, Nathan has decided to pay it forward by becoming a mentor himself. “Having mentors in industry that you can catch up with regularly and speak to is invaluable. I had the benefit of having an industry mentor through completing an internship through the University and now I’ve become an industry mentor for students from Griffith. It’s so rewarding. I know how beneficial it was for me to do the program when I was studying and it’s so great for me to be able to give that back.”