Griffith Tax Clinic will host a free seminar about tax deductions you may be able to claim from your home.

Griffith University tax law professor Dr Brett Freudenberg said the special seminar called Tax and Your Home would be held at the university’s Logan Campus on October 1.

Dr Freudenberg said some people may be eligible for deductions on their home or household expenses.

“If someone is working from home then it is possible they may be entitled to a deduction for such things as a proportion of their electricity and internet expenses that relates to them earning income,” Dr Freudenberg said.

“In some circumstances, if the person has a substantial home office that is their principal workplace then in addition, they may be able to claim a deduction for occupancy expenses, such as a percentage of rates and interest on the home loan.”

However, Dr Freudenberg said this may make someone liable for capital gains tax on part of the sale when you go to sell your home.

“While for many of us the sale of our home will be exempt from tax, there are circumstances where part of the sale will be subject to capital gains tax, which could include when you have a principal workplace in your home, or you moved out of your home and rented it out.”

The Tax and Your Home seminar is on October 1 from 6-8pm at Griffith’s Logan campus.

Register here by September 27.

The Griffith Tax Clinic is held at Logan campus weekly. 14 student tax advisers, under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners, run the clinic, which has received more than 100 applications for assistance this year. Anyone without a registered tax agent is eligible to take advantage of the free clinic — including small businesses.

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