The Griffith University 7s squad has officially launched its’ season with a uniform presentation and 2019 jersey unveiling at the Gold Coast Campus uni bar.

The launch signals the countdown to the first leg of the AON series, at the University of Queensland on September 14 and 15.

The team has been on the field making final preparations but the launch was the perfect opportunity to step away from training for the night and celebrate the hard work that defines pre-season.

After being presented their official uniforms, new players Cecilia Smith and Sissy Masters reflected on the opportunity to grow their 7s skills as part of Griffith this year.

“Everyone has been so welcoming, and I love the environment,” Smith said.

“I’m looking forward for the chance to just get on the field and play alongside some of the best 7s players in the country.

“It has been a tough but really important lead up to the first tournament. Each week we’re growing and for myself I’m just glad to have the opportunity to be part of it.”

Coach Moana Virtue has retained 50 per cent of players from the championship squad of 2018, however the new talent joining the ranks this year has been impressive in training. At just 19, Masters is one of the youngest in the squad.

“The culture is great, and I’ve been thankful to learn under Moana and the experienced players,” she said.

“The AON series is a chance for players like myself to see what it takes to compete and train with the best.

“Receiving our uniforms tonight was a chance for it all to sink in and get ready to put in as much work as possible before the first UQ tournament.”

The team for the first tournament at U.Q. is as follows: