Tsinghua University delegation visits CEPH

A delegation fromTsinghuaUniversity recently visited the Centre for Environment and Population Health (CEPH) following a recommendation from The Chinese Academy of Medical Science, with which Griffith has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Tsinghua University is considered the top university in China and has a campus in Shenzhen, the fastest growing city in Guangdong Province. The 12 person delegation included three staff members and nine post-graduate students from the university’s Institute of Hospital Management, which was the first hospital management program to be offered in China.

Professor Andrew Davey, Director (International) Griffith Health, provided an overview of the University and the Health group, as well as international collaboration in staff and student exchanges.

Deputy Director of CEPH, Head of Pathology Professor Alfred Lam also showed the delegation the information system which provides a higher quality of patient care. PhD Candidate, Connie Gan delivered a presentation about world trends and developments in health-promoting, green and sustainable hospitals.

L-R: Ms Yang Yang, Professor Steven Hao, Professor Cordia Chu, Ms Li Guangyu

CEPH Director Professor Cordia Chu presented information about the current trends and latest knowledge on healthy cities and healthy China development. The delegation was also keen to learn more about student mobility/internships and exchanges with Griffith University.

In the future, the university may also look to enrol staff members into credentialed courses to up-skill healthprofessionals.

Feedback from the visit was quite positive, with third year post-graduate candidate Wang Tian appreciative of the opportunity.

“Professor Cordia Chu and her research team inspired me to view things from both helicopter and microscope lens, this makes research more meaningful and useful,which then can truly serve the purpose and provide solutions for our health problems.”

“Thanks Griffith University for the thoughtful arrangement, we appreciate the chance to visit the biggest hospital in Australia and learn about healthy cities and successful case studies around the world,” said second year PhD candidate Yu Xiuzhi.

“This trip has broadened my perspective on the health system and public health. I hope to continue working with Griffith CEPH.”