Applied Behavioural Science Winterschool on the Gold Coast — where summer never really ends

Griffith’s Behavioural Science Cluster has expanded its behaviour change program with the Applied Behavioural Science Winterschool, to be held on September 5 and 6, 2019 at its Gold Coast campus.

The two-day intensive program shares the latest behavioural insights through a series of research-based, applied, and comprehensive hands-on workshops, jointly delivered by Griffith Business School, and The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), a global social purpose company which started life as a small unit in the UK government but now has offices around the world.

Professor Andreas Leibbrandt

Griffith University Professor of Economics Andreas Leibbrandt was instrumental in developing the partnership and the program.

“The Winterschool will deliver the latest behavioural insights to practitioners, including policymakers and change agents who want to achieve social impact,” he said.

Evidence suggests that organisational decisions are too often inconsistent, biased, swayed by arbitrary considerations, suffer from debilitating unintended consequences, clash with social norms and prove ultimately self-defeating.

“We want to understand these factors so we can improve our decision-making processes at work and avoid common mistakes.”

“This course offers practical, hands-on advice and training from speakers who have substantial expertise in the field of behaviour change and behavioural economics.

“Those who attend the course and complete a short exam will also receive a digital qualification which is shareable on LinkedIn and other digital platforms.

“Plus, did we mention the Winterschool is on the Gold Coast, where winter is virtually non-existent!”

The Behavioural Insights Team’s Ravi Dutta-Powell said the collaboration with Griffith was a great fit.

“I’m excited to work with the world-leading team at Griffith and the Winterschool is a great opportunity to bring together BIT’s practical policy expertise with the latest academic research from the university’s Behavioural Science Cluster.”

Griffith’s Behavioural Science Cluster is chartered to deliver meaningful change through scalable and sustainable solutions, ensuring greater social outcomes for the wider community.

Led by eleven highly regarded cross disciplined academics, it passionately combats social issues like obesity, environmental degradation, social inequalities, retirement savings, taxes, and volunteering.

“Our cluster is bridging the gap between social intervention development and behavioural insights, placing people and organisations at the centre of our program design,” said Professor Leibbrandt.

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