The world’s best calligraphers, sign writers and typographers will descend on the Gold Coast this week for a creative conference focusing on the art of typography.

The Typism Conference is in its fifth year and devoted entirely to the beauty of the written word. From humble beginnings, it has evolved into an online global community, with more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Associate Professor Dominique Falla

Typism was founded by Queensland College of Art Associate Professor Dominique Falla, and features a raft of international guest speakers and interactive workshops.

“I wanted to find a way to inspire and motivate my graphic design students,” she said.

“Many of them showed an interest in typography and lettering but didn’t believe it was possible to make a living from it.”

By bringing together the world’s most successful lettering artists, Associate Professor Falla is both showcasing the craft and profession, and helping to inspire the next generation of designers.

She is known for her unique string typography work, and has completed stunning one-off commissions for companies like Google, Woolworths and Penguin Publishing.

Many of her students have become successful typographers and letter artists in their own right, using a range of distinctive techniques, from custom chalk lettering to hand drawn ink and pen designs and calligraphy.

She believes developing a point of difference gives young designers an edge in a competitive job market.

“There is so much generic stuff out there, it’s about finding a way to stand out,” she said.

“People get tired of design that is too slick or polished looking.

“If they can offer clients something unique, it definitely makes them more employable.”

This year’s Typism Conference is held at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus and the Home of the Arts (HOTA) from 1 – 3 August.