Griffith University’s highly regarded Sports College continues to shape elite athletes of the future by lending its expertise to a leading Grammar School.

Since 2016, Griffith Sports College (GSC) worked closely alongside Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School supporting the Terranora-based school’s elite athletes program.

The relationship, which began over a corporate lunch, is yielding dividends with Lindisfarne’s Sports Academy now firmly entrenched as home to one of New South Wales’ leading school sport academy programs.

Matt Fydler, Director of Lindisfarne’s Sports Academy said the Griffith model was aspirational and exceptional.

“Our school principal sat next to Duncan Free (GSC Director) at lunch one afternoon and got a good feel for how Griffith operated its Sports College and viewed it as a wonderful example of combining student study and elite sport.”

Since that lunch, Duncan Free OAM has become a Lindisfarne Sports Academy Ambassador and along with GSC Manager Naomi McCarthy OAM, Griffith and the school meet several times a year imparting knowledge, expertise and guidance on achieving best practice.

Naomi McCarthy OAM and Duncan Free OAM a(nearest the monitor) attend a briefing session at Lindisfarne

“Duncan and Naomi and the Sport College have been outstanding devoting their time and assistance helping curate our elite sporting and academic programs we have in place today, Fydler said.

There’s benefit too for Griffith with Lindisfarne’s year 11 and 12 elite athletes gaining an understanding of the many benefits of attending Griffith Sports College while undertaking their studies.

“A number of Lindisfarne graduates are now at Griffith Sports College and have made the transition from Grade 12 to University seamlessly because of their high school experience,” Naomi McCarthy said.

“Lily Dick is in the Australian rugby Sevens squad and also doing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business and excelling in both her sport and studies.”