Learning at QCA — a life changing experience

At QCA we aim to prepare our students to re-think and challenge the world around them and equip them for the future of work in a global community.

Hearing about the recent experiences of a group of talented students in China brought home to me the value of an art and design education at QCA.

Design Lecturer Danny Della-Bosca and 12 QCA art and design students were in Shanghai and Shandong last month. They collaborated on the design, hands-on-construction of wearable-technologies in Shanghai and the incorporation of these within garments designed by students at Shandong University of Art and Design. The resulting works, exploring the future applications of digital technologies, featured in a highly publicised fashion parade.

In addition to the creative and technical challenges of the project, the immersive experience of working in China, one of Australia’s most significant trading partners, ensured QCA students were offered a deep, practical, in-person, understanding of engaging with a foreign culture.

No other art and design college in Queensland offers its students such life-changing learning experiences.

Other recent international education tours offered at QCA include trips to Noumea, New York, Venice, and Germany. Coming up in 2020 is a trip into the Artic oceans with a focus on the impact of global warming. The tour will be led by Nobel Peace Prize winning co-laureates and expert arctic guides Adjunct Professor John Rodsted and Mette Eliseussen. Find out more about the 2020 Artic tour.

There are numerous examples of QCA students, graduates and staff successes across the globe. Most recently, a newly arrived member of our Fine Arts staff, artist Justene Williams, had a major group of works purchased by the Tate Modern in London. Justene joins a rare group of contemporary Australian artists whose works are in what is arguably the most prestigious collection of contemporary art on the planet.

Michelle Douglas, Program Leader of the QCA, Master of Design, is due to make one of her annual trips to the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Over the last three years Michelle has been an invited external examiner of RCA Design Products Masters final projects. RCA is undisputedly the world’s top ranked art and design school. Such an invitation recognises Michelle’s deep knowledge in the field and is testament to the world-class quality of QCA staff. Michelle is QCA’s lead in Griffith University’s 3 Day Start-Up (3DS) program.

QCA postgraduate candidate Dale Harding is to be included in the prestigious 2020 Lyon Biennale. QCA Alumni, Tony Albert, Eric Bridgman, and current postgraduate student, Vanessa Possum (part of Dharug nation) have been selected for the 2020 Biennale of Sydney.

Together with my QCA colleagues, I look forward to meeting you at the Griffith University stand at this year’s Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO), Saturday and Sunday 20 — 21 July, and the very special QCA Open Day, Sunday 11 August from 9 am — 2 pm.

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Professor Derrick Cherrie
Director, Queensland College of Art (QCA)
Griffith University