With tax time looming — ask a Griffith expert about what you can claim

Griffith University tax experts will host a free two-hour seminar on Tuesday 18 June, covering the essentials of claiming tax deductions ahead of the end of the financial year.

Griffith’s Professor — Tax Law Brett Freudenberg says the Tax Deductions: How much is it worth to you? session should help individual taxpayers make the most of their hard-earned money.

“This can be a confusing area for many people as there are various urban myths about what people can and cannot claim,” he said.

“The presentation will cover many of the possible deductions available to individuals, including car expenses, travel, self-education, clothing, laundry, sun protection, food, internet, phone, home office, computers, rental properties, shares, donations and of course personal superannuation contributions.”

“It’s surprising how many people are not fully aware of all of the available deductions and what records they need to have kept, to be able to claim them.”

“It is important to get this right, as tax deductionscan be one of the most litigious areas with the Tax Office.”

The two-hour session will be held at Griffith University’s Logan campus from 6pm on Tuesday 18 June and while free, requires registration here.

Next financial year, Griffith University has been selected as the only university in south-east Queensland to participate in a federally funded national trial of student tax clinics, from July 2019.

The Griffith Tax Clinic will be a friendly, student-run clinic offering free advice from Griffith University taxation students, under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners.

Located at Griffith’s Logan campus, the clinics will make it easy for society’s most vulnerable people to get assistance navigating Australia’s complex tax system, so they know their rights and obligations.