Symposium explores climate impact on health, attitudes and environment

Health and wellbeing, activism and the environment could be seen to have many things in common, but oneparticular linkis being put under the microscope by Griffith University experts during the State Government’s Climate Week QLD 2019, June 3-7.

Knowledge sharing symposium: Subnational Climate Action in the Asia-Pacificis a one-day event, held on June 5, that will examine the impact of climate change on our everyday life to the ways in which policies are treated.

Eminent speakers from Asia Pacific Nations and Australia attend, however anyoneis able toregister to attend.

The event will provide insights into the challenges of our shared climate emergency, mitigation pathways, the adaptation imperative, the critical role of leadership and advance collaborative efforts for climate action.

Director of the Griffith Climate Change Response Program Professor Brendan Mackey will chair the Symposium’s Healthy Landscapes and Seascapes session, in which he will highlight in his own talk how our iconic ecosystems impacted by climate change can be used to solve some of the problems.

“Ecosystems on land, such as forests, and marine based, including coral reefs like our Great Barrier Reef, are both impacted by climate change and yet part of the solution,” Prof Mackey said.

“Ecosystems store vast amounts of carbon, so protecting them is part of the solution to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Ecosystems also provide other benefits including biodiversity, freshwater in the case of forests, and food in the case of coral reefs.

“Sotheir careful management helps location communities continue to receive these benefits and be more resilient to climate impacts – what we call ecosystem-based adaptation.

I hope the symposium attendees take away an understanding of the importance of our natural ecosystems such as forests and coral reefs for the climate-related benefits they provide, in addition to their beauty and wonder.”

The symposium will be one ofa number ofevents across Climate Week Qld, including the Minister’s Climate Challenge, Pub Choir events and a First Nations Climate Summit.

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