Griffith adds design expertise to Spit Master Plan

Designed by Kirra Keating.

Griffith University Architecture and Design students have put their stamp on the Gold Coast Spit Master Plan with creative design proposals for a linear park and ‘makers’ workshop’ in Main Beach. 

Designed by Lauren Carney.

Students Hamish Gray, Carina Soleckhan, Kirra Keating, Dane Rose, Lauren CarneyTahlia Wright and Timothy Lancaster, created unique designs for the Southern Gateway –  the 1.5km stretch of land between the Main Beach tram stop and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority in Seaworld Drive.

Each of the bold design proposals seeks to redevelop the waterfront, providing an entrance to the Spit and celebrating the area’s distinct character while linking the seaside parks to the main transportation network and places of heritage significance.  

The design proposals for the Makers’ Workshop aspire to represent an investment in the future of the Gold Coast growing creative industry. The projects emphasise the role of architecture as a condenser for a vast and diverse community.  

Dr Cecilia Bischeri.

Dr Cecilia Bischeri, a lecturer at Griffith Architecture and Design and coordinator of the student’s work, said “the students fully understood the opportunity of turning this project into a homage to the unique character of Gold Coast 

The intrinsic relationship with the rich cultural and natural environment and strategic position of the area for the future development of the Spit lead the student’s vision.” 

The experience for the students has been of great importance.  

The opportunity to deal with the topical design issues which animate the architectural debate on the future of their city has provided them with a clearer understanding on the impact and added value that the coupling of high-quality architecture and vision will have on the local community and tourists.”  

Dr Bischeri said the overarching scope of the proposals aimed to capitalise on the presence of leisure amenities in the area and beauty of the natural environment.  

In the designs, water sport activities hubs and an open-air event space are nestled in the linear green park, which has been transformed into a destination and gateway to the new Spit development.   

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