Griffith University recently welcomed a delegation from Taiwan to celebrate the Health Groups partnership with the Taiwan Health Promotion Administration (HPA).

Professor Analise O’Donovan, Dean (Academic), and Professor Cordia Chu, Director of the Centre for Environment and Population Health, hosted the delegation at the Nathan campus to celebrate the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the partnership it signifies.

The Taiwan delegation that attended the signing was led by Dr Ying Wei Wang, Director-General of the Health Promotion Administration, and was supported by Mr Bruce Hung, Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and members of the local Taiwanese community.

In her address as Acting Health Pro Vice Chancellor Professor O’Donovan explained that, “In response to the urgent call by the international communities to step up global efforts to address the climate change health threat, both the Health Promotion Administration and Griffith University want to strengthen the partnership to develop a series of programs and concrete actions with a focus on climate change and population health, environmental health and health promotion.”

The partnership between Griffith University and the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare reflects over eighteen years of collaboration in health promotion — including joint projects, conferences, capacity building and the facilitation of the development of heathy cities, schools, workplaces and hospitals.

The Griffith Alumni in Taiwan that have participated in this partnership through the Centre for Environment and Population Heath have made significant contributions to public health and the wider society.

“This is a timely expression of our joint commitment to address one of the biggest global health threats of the 21st century — climate change,” says Professor Chu, “We expect there will be a range of outcomes in the next few years, including policy guidelines, education and training materials and professional short courses. In addition, the strengthened and expanded international network addressing climate change should contribute to a sustainable future.”

This partnership is one of the many ways in which Griffith University affirms its commitment to sustainability and improved health outcomes, as well as recognising our location in the Asia—Pacific and deepening our engagement with the region.