Alumni event brings Canberra graduates together

Griffith University Canberra Alumni
Attendees at the Griffith University Alumni Networking Cocktail Reception in Canberra.

Canberra has proved the Griffith University spirit is strong at a recent cocktail reception held for alumni living in Australia’s capital. More than 50 Griffith graduates gathered at Crowne Plaza in Canberra for a chance to network with fellow alumni across a diverse range of industries and hear about Griffith’s Industry Mentoring and eCareerCoach programs and the development of the upcoming alumni peer mentoring program.

The night began with a professional development session called ‘The Power of Mentoring’ that saw several past students keen to re-engage with the University through avenues such as official mentoring programs and Griffith Business School’s eCareerCoach.

The event also acted as the perfect way to introduce Griffith University’s new Vice Chancellor Professor Carolyn Evans to past students. She spoke of the University’s commitment to three Es: excellence, ethical behavior and engagement.

“We are deeply engaged with our local communities, with state and national communities and globally. Alumni are a fundamentally important part of that,” she said. “We want to make sure they remain as part of our community. They’re our alumni and we are very proud of them,” she said.

“Many alumni are now working in interesting and diverse roles, that’s something we can learn from and build upon to ensure our graduates continue to benefit from their association with Griffith.”

Another of the Griffith Executive in attendance was Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement) Martin Betts. “We’ve been travelling here to Canberra for a number of years now to engage with our alumni,” he said.

“It’s always a great thrill to find out when you meet graduates for the first time just what they’ve been doing since they left Griffith. There are so many different stories and it’s also great to catch up with people you met on previous occasions to find out more about their interests and how their careers have travelled.

“It’s really helpful for us to stay in contact with our alumni and we love hearing their stories. We encourage our alumni to keep sharing them with us.”

Jessie Broomhead Griffith Business School
Jessie Broomhead.

Former Bachelor of Commerce student Jessie Broomhead said she finds it very beneficial to attend events such as these and stay engaged. “I have really fond memories of Griffith and I think it’s good to keep that Griffith connection,” she explained.

“There are a group of us here in Canberra and if we hear about a new graduate coming to town there is that instant connection. Also, it has been so good to stay in touch with what’s happening in the academic world in case I want to go back to do a masters degree.”

She said one of the reasons she wants to stay connected with Griffith is that the support network she experienced while studying survives beyond the confines of her degree.

“Griffith is really amazing at supporting its students, past and present. I was lucky enough to have the choice to go to any university I wanted; with Griffith, there was so much support available and I think that has helped me immensely. The support is there to help you graduate and to guide you to your career goals,” Jessie said.