Academics seeking input from Gold Coast businesses for Commonwealth Games impact survey

Griffith University academics Dr Joan Carlini and Professor Andrew O’Neil are calling for input from businesses on the Gold Coast to have their say about the impact and legacy of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Dr Joan Carlini

Almost twelve months on from the mammoth event, which brought representatives from more than 70 Commonwealth nations and territories to the Gold Coast and its affiliated event cities, Dr Carlini and Professor O’Neil are seeking to determine how the reality of last April’s festivities measure up to the community’s lofty expectations.

Dr Carlini, who previously developed a preliminary report with Professor O’Neil in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games, described the new survey as a “fantastic opportunity for business to have a voice”.

“This research follows on from an earlier report we prepared twelve months out from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games,” Dr Carlini said. “We had conversations with the business community and they didn’t understand how their business and more broadly the Gold Coast would be affected.

“It is almost a year since the Commonwealth Games and, now that the dust has settled, we want to know how businesses were impacted, and whether variables such as business location, industry, or customer base potentially contributed.”

Dr Carlini and Professor O’Neil are calling for input from businesses of all stripes to help inform their survey, and are hoping for responses from a diversity of locations, organisational sizes and industries.

“Even if businesses were not affected, we still want to hear from them,” Dr Carlini said. “The more businesses that take part, the more accurate the picture will be.

“From this research, will have a much better understanding of how and why businesses were impacted.  This knowledge can help provide insights into future event planning and bids to ensure better outcomes for businesses in the future, and that business is not forgotten.”

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Business Impact Survey is open online until April 2.

Respondents will go into the running to win one of two vouchers, valued at $500 each.

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