Labor heavyweight joins Griffith Podcast as election looms

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“I think protecting our borders is an issue that can be done without losing our humanity.” So says the HonourableAnthony Albanese MP, the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Cities, and Shadow Minister for Tourism, who told Griffith University’s A Middle Ground podcast that Labor ensured the passage of the Medevac Bill because […]

Did the Royal Commission achieve its purpose?

Law Futures Centre
By Adrian Edwards The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (the Commission) will be remembered for the displays or drama and sensationalism. Some of the headlines featured fainting executives under cross examination, executives admitting wrongdoing and confirmation of burgeoning executive salaries. The real drama was the hundreds of consumer […]

Supply chain strategy in a turbulent and uncertain world

Department of Business Strategy and Innovation
When many of today’s supply chains were designed and built the world was a much different place. Instead of relative stability and a degree of predictability we now face a highly uncertain and turbulent business environment. Whereas in the past organisations could plan ahead and make forecasts with some degree of confidence, now the emphasis […]