Teaching at top of Australia’s growth industries

Many people can probably remember one special teacher who influenced them in a way no others did as a child — who shone a light on learning and helped them understand subjects which were particularly difficult. Or perhaps they inspired them to follow a path they may not otherwise have taken.

It’s no surprise then, that education and training is one of Australia’s top four growing industries with primary and secondary school teachers among the highest in demand as identified by the Federal Government.

“There has never been a better time to study teaching,’’ says Professor Donna Pendergast, Griffith University Dean and Head of the School of Education and Professional Studies.

“In Queensland, the teacher workforce is ageing with many teachers and education leaders nearing or at retirement. This year the teacher workforce is undergoing a literal facelift with an influx of new, mostly Generation Y teachers.

“This means new opportunities for teachers. Experienced teachers with a good track record are eligible to apply for positions of added responsibility in their areas of specialisation.”

In Queensland, experienced senior teachers earn a base salary of $94,532 p/a, a head of department earns a base salary of $108, 818 p/a, and an executive principal earns a base salary of $166,272 p/a.

“As well as the monetary benefits, since time immemorial people who choose to be teachers do so because they want to make a difference to young people’s lives and they value the intrinsic career rewards of teaching,” Professor Pendergast said.

“This is why we become teachers and why we are still serving the profession, and why so many people from all walks of life continue to choose teaching as a career today.

The School of Education and Professional Studies is among the world’s leading education schools, ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

Griffith University has the highest education graduate success rates in Australia. Graduates are in demand and find employment in the independent, Catholic and State education systems in Queensland as well as overseas.

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