Interior Design graduate Maddison Cronin recently completed her Honours research project at the Queensland College of Art (QCA) exploring how virtual reality (VR) can aid in the transitioning process between a physical inpatient rehabilitation centre and the patient’s home.

Maddison developed a human-centered VR design tool that gives ownership and independence back to the patient by involving them in the redesign of their home to maintain a sense of place and create a safe and accessible environment.

“As a designer and someone that has witnessed the struggle of the transitioning process, I wanted to take advantage of this unique and powerful position.”

After graduating, Maddison wanted to extend her studies to Honours to challenge herself and grow as a designer.

“The process of this project was extensive and sometimes challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Though my work is still developing, I believe it has the potential to create a positive change.”

“The best thing about studying at QCA is that they teach you to be mindful when designing. I was also able to meet and connect with like-minded people who are also passionate about design.”

Maddison is excited about the future of virtual reality, and we’re excited to see where the future takes her.

“Through using VR in my Honours research project, it has showed me the possibilities of VR in interior design and I would like to continue to explore this.”

See more of Maddison’s work and the outcomes from her Honours project at

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