Professional Futures Conference supported by Vice Chancellor Elect

“Griffith University has developed a full range of professional courses over the last 26 years starting with accounting, law andsome specialised areas of engineering and moving to include medicine, dentistry, nursing and midwifery, allied health, architecture, a full complement of engineering qualifications, and journalism. We are now assisting in efforts to professionalise banking and finance. Some of these professions are ancient and have been taught in universities for hundreds of years, while some are more recent. Allprofessions, however, are rapidly changing in the face of multiple reinforcing challenges in which change is measured in years rather than centuries. More recently establishedprofessional schools are particularly aware of those challenges and have the flexibility to structure themselves to address those challenges and recognize opportunities for the professions and the communities they serve.

The presence of so many new professional schools makes Griffith a natural and proud host for a Professional Futures Conference in which the professions and their futures are considered and compared by Australian and international academics, practitioners and regulators. I look forward to greeting them and all of those attending in February in my first week at Griffith.”

– Professor Carolyn Evans, Vice Chancellor Elect,Griffith University.

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