Condon forecasts bright future for next generation of journalists

Journalism students should be excited about working in the industry as the demand for content has never been greater says Matthew Condon, Griffith University’s new journalist-in-residence.

The award-winning journalist and author said even though people may be less attached to some elements of the media such as newspapers there was still a permanent and rising demand for good, solid journalism.

“There’s always a demand for news, for great storytelling, for long reads people can sink into or so they can get a better idea of an issue or a human being. And as long as there’s this need, there will always will be journalists.

“I want young people to be excited about their career, about their future. Being able to report from multiple platforms means there’s enormous opportunities and students should be encouraged to explore as many as possible.”

Matthew said he was thrilled and honoured to be appointed as journalist-in-residence.

“I hope to bring a measure of reality to Griffith’s students — I’m someone who is still at the coalface of journalism and writing non-fiction and fiction. If I can be an inspirational mentor to young writers, journalists, novelists or historians then I’ll be happy.

“It’s particularly exciting for me as I want to get young people involved in researching and podcasting as well as imparting some of my 30 years of journalism knowledge to them. I hope to be the person I would have liked to have had at university.”

Matthew Condon has been a journalist for more than 30years,and for almost a decade has been investigating crime and corruption in Queensland. He interviewed disgraced former Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis for over three years and had exclusive access to his private papers. That research became Condon’s bestselling true crime trilogy —Three Crooked Kings,Jacks and JokersandAll Fall Down. Most recently he has been investigating the fatal Whiskey Au GoGonightclub firebombingin Brisbanein 1973. His book on the subject —The Night Dragon— willbe published in 2019.

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