Humanities graduates possess a unique set of transferable skills, are capable of working across disciplines and adept at finding solutions to complex problems.

“A humanities degree has two great values. First, it gives students a deeper understanding of society, culture and people and develops the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing global environment,’’ says Professor James Carson, Head of Griffith University’s School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science.

“But it is also the perfect degree for the knowledge economy that will define future employment because a humanities degree delivers those core skills that creative and entrepreneurial employers are looking for: the ability to find and synthesize information, the ability to create new knowledge, to think critically and creatively and to communicate new knowledge effectively.”

Indeed, a new report by Deloitte Access Economics about the value of humanities echoes this sentiment.

It identifies more than 30 technical skills that may be acquired in a humanities degree including “quantitative analysis skills, policy development, software use and foreign language skills. Precisely because of their diversity, and not being common to all degrees, these skills can be difficult to neatly summarise but are nevertheless highly valued by employers.”

Griffith’s suite of humanities degrees cover a diverse range of areas. Students can complement their professional interests with study in sociology, security studies, politics, international and literary studies, creative writing, Islam/West relations, Indigenous studies, languages and history.

“What you’ll get from studying humanities is knowledge that will serve for the rest of your life and what we really need for a healthy, functioning democracy in Australia is informed citizens, says lecturer Associate Professor Halim Rane.

“This is really the graduate of the future, someone who is informed, who is ready to be able to occupy a position where they make a meaningful, constructive contribution.”

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