Anne Summers opens Integrity 20 at Griffith Lecture

More than 20 of the world’s foremost minds will debate social, moral and political challenges at Griffith University’s Integrity 20 conference this week (October 25-26).

With a theme of ‘A World Divided’ they will discuss a range of issues – from thecrisis of democracy and unaccountable power of digital giants, to the increasingpolarisationin public andpolicicaldebate.

The fifthannual Integrity 20 is highlighted by a lecture –Unfettered and Alive– delivered by Australian feminist, cultural icon Anne Summers AO on the night of October 23.

Dr Summers has had an extraordinary career as a journalist, author, policy maker, political advisor, bureaucrat, board member, editor, publisher and political activist.Her bookDamned Whores and God’s Police, recalibrated our understanding of Australia’s history and contemporary society.

She has influenced and shaped the political, cultural and social fabric of Australia and is as committed as ever to bringing change to Australian women.

Integrity 20 Chair and Pro Vice Chancellor (Arts, Education & Law) Professor Paul Mazerolle said the event was an important part of Brisbane’s cultural calendar and provides a much needed public platform for discussion and dialogue.

“The speakers attending are at the forefront of their fields and can offer amazing insights and in-depth analysis of those themes at the core of some of our greatest global challenges,” Professor Mazerolle said.

A dedicated schools’ day kickstarts the Integrity 20 program on Wednesday, October 23 followed by two full days of lectures, round-tables and debates.