Integrity 20 shines spotlight on issues facing young Australians

Memes, selfies, cyber-hate, big data, slow fashion and the global war on waste are some ofthe key themes that will be explored during the first dedicated schools day at GriffithUniversity’s 2018 Integrity 20 conference.

The dynamic one-day event will kick-start the annual Integrity 2018 conference at theQueensland Conservatorium (October 24-26).

Integrity 20 chair, Professor Paul Mazerolle, said the schools’ program was designed to explore issues of particular interest and concern to young people.

“Students will have the extraordinary opportunity to hear, learn from, and talk to, leadingthinkers from Australia and around the world.

“The speakers attending are at the forefront of their fields and can offer amazing insightsand in-depth analysis of some of our greatest global challenges.”

The day opens with a series of fast-paced lightning talks hosted by futurist, inventorand broadcaster Mark Pesce , before students break into small groups for roundtablediscussions and workshops.

The day closes with an interactive forum examining our increasingly complex relationship with technology, led by former Google data analyst SethStephens Davidowitz (US) and philosopher and ethicist Matt Beard .

The stellar line-up of speakers also includes US-based North Korea expert Jean Lee (US),renowned philosopher Julian Baggini (UK), ethical fashion advocate and podcaster ClarePress , founder of The Australian Leadership Project Victor Perton , and freedom of speech advocate Jodie Ginsberg (UK).

Professor Mazerolle said the Integrity 20 program would extend to the general public onThursday October 25 and Friday 26 October where a further 250 students in years 11 and 12would be in attendance.

Under the theme of ‘a world divided’ the Integrity 20’18 program explores issues such asthe crisis of democracy and the unaccountable power of the digital giants, to the increasingpolarisation in public and political debate.

Integrity 20’18 will be held at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, SouthBank, October 24 -26.


The annual Integrity 20 conference is the flagship event in Griffith University’s Integrity 20program, which also features a series of stand-alone ‘integrity conversations’ eventsthroughout the year. The program covers issues which reflect many of the significant social, moral and political challenges we face as a global community.