When the decision to go to uni happens a little further down the track, the application process can loom as a potentially daunting experience.

Griffith University will host a series of Application Support Nights at its South Bank, Logan and Gold Coast campuses during the coming week to make it all a little easier.

The drop-in events are geared towards people who have no recent experience of high school and the guidance counsellors who put Year 12 students on the right path in terms of the dos and don’ts of applying.

Matthew Sue Yek (27), who is completing an honours year in a Bachelor of Languages and Applied Linguistics, believes this kind of support is invaluable for prospective students who don’t always have anywhere or anyone obvious to turn to for help.

Matthew (left) graduated from high school in 2008 and immediately entered the workforce as a pastry chef in the hospitality industry. Five years down the track and the seed had been sown in his mind to go to university. Matthew started to transition to study in 2013, eventually leaving work to become a full-time student in 2015.

“It was a different world and an entirely new experience for me alongside people younger than me fresh out of high school,” he says.

“It was quite challenging in ways I had not anticipated. The application process would not have felt as straightforward for me as it would have for a Year 12 student.

“I think the Application Support Nights are a great initiative and will be very useful for anyone who drops in.”

Non-school leavers and potential mature age students are invited to attend any of the Application Support Nights between 4.30pm and 6.30pm at South Bank (Tues, Oct 23), Logan (Wed, Oct 24) and Gold Coast (Thurs, Oct 25).

Expert study advisers from Griffith University and QTAC will be on hand to offer personalised advice and guidance.

There is also a bonus for the first 100 visitors on each night who are not currently in Year 12 who will receive a voucher code to cover the $99 fee difference for post-early bird QTAC applications.