Online study proves way to go for future career in disability sector

A passion for helping people with disability is close to Chithrani Palipana’s heart.

The Masters of Rehabilitation Counselling student is mother to Griffith graduate Dinesh Palipana, now a well-known Queensland personality, following his extraordinary medical career achievement in the face of extreme adversity.

“Dinesh’s struggle to come to terms with life as a quadriplegic and his triumph in gaining registration as a doctor earlier this year, have certainly been a real inspiration for me as his mother,” says Chithrani. “So it’s no coincidence that I am now, following my Graduate Certificate in Case Management, heading towards becoming a rehabilitationcounsellor for people with disabilities.

“I really wanted to broaden and deepen my knowledge and have the opportunity to improve my career opportunities in this field, however online is the only way I could manage study with my schedule!

“I am so glad the option of online is available for this course. It’s 100% online except for the final trimester 200 hours of on-site supervised practice in a rehabilitation counselling practice context.

“The amazing support and the availability of the teaching staff makes a huge difference in online study. My lecturers can be contacted anytime and are available via email, phone, Skype or in person. They have always made time to help.”

Chithrani says she also really likes the structure of the course and the content.

“Everything I learn is relevant to the current practices in the real work environments. I am also able to use my knowledge in supporting people in an effective and a productive way when I start working through this knowledge.

“I am looking forward to motivating and supporting people with disability in a future role and if I could make a difference in just one person’s life, that would mean a lot to me.”


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