Griffith ideal launching pad into top five emerging jobs

A recent LinkedIn report has highlighted the top five emerging jobs – and Griffith University is preparing students for these fast-growth areas with a range of innovative technology degrees to address the changing market trends. 

According to Emerging Jobs: Australia The fastest growing jobs in the country, the top five emerging jobs are: 

  1. Customer Success Manager 
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Full Stack Engineer 
  4. Cyber Security Specialist 
  5. Experience Designer 

LinkedIn data from the last five years was used to identify the top up-and-coming roles and the skills needed for each. It looked at what roles are on the rise, where the talent has come from, and where it resides today. 

Griffith is home to a suite of innovative degrees that can support students into these fast-growth professions for the roles of Data Scientist and Cyber Security Specialist in particular.  

The report places the role of a Data Scientist in the top 5 emerging jobs because ‘modern business is driven by data. Whether it’s financial insights or understanding customer behaviour, people who can reason over enormous amounts of data are in high demand’. 

Cyber Security Specialist makes the list because our ‘lives and workspaces are now digital by default. The Internet of Things further widens the digital landscape, but exposes our data to additional hacking risks’.   

Griffith currently offers degrees ideal that fulfil the role requirements of a Cyber Security Specialist and a Data Scientist: 

Griffith will also offer three new degrees in 2019: 

“We are starting to use social media to answer questions we have about how an environment or place is used and valued, and that’s what Data Science is all about; it’s this capacity to have access to a huge amount of data to do innovative things to answer these questions that we’ve always had,” Professor Catherine Pickering said, who is from Griffith’s School of Environment and Science. 

“With so many industries and so many different disciplines it is going to be critical we’re at the cutting edge of this research and we’re really leading the world in understanding and using this, not only in data science straight but in using it in disciplines like environmental science and if you come and study this you’re going to have the skills that employers are really looking for right now.” 

“Students who undertake the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/ Bachelor of Information Technology are prepared to work in the cyber security industry with a unique set of skills,” Dr Jacqueline Drew said, who is the Program Director for the double degree. 

“This degree is preparing our graduates for cybercrime jobs of the future.”