A passion for the global advancement and education of neuroradiology is the focus for researcher Associate Professor Sandeep Bhuta, the first ever Australian to become a recipient of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) Anne Osborn International Outreach Professor Program 2019.

Holding a conjoint appointment with Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland and Gold Coast Health, Associate Professor Bhuta has been working in neuroradiology research and education for ten years, and gained a fellowship in the speciality from the University of Toronto in 2007.

TheInternational Outreach Professor Program was launched in 2015 with agoal of creating enduring and sustainablesupport to bring high-quality neuroradiology education to developing areas of the world.

As part of the prestigious award, he is now bound for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he will be participating in hands-on teaching for junior doctors and registrars.

“This is a truly fantastic opportunity to advance the speciality of neuroradiology in a developing country where knowledge is limited and the hospital staff are enthusiastic to upgrade their skills with formal teaching,” says Associate Professor Bhuta who sub-specialises in neuroradiology of the head, neck and spine.

Potential for new research

“The collaboration opportunities that will arise as a result of the program will also be highly positive, with new potential for further research. This kind of effort can also have lasting effects on the development of neuroimaging as a recognised, respected sub-speciality for the benefit of patients and physicians alike.”

Herecentlycollaborated ona research projectwith leading Griffith immunologistProfessor Sonya Marshall-GradisnikonFunctional MRImagingwith Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. The study showed for the first time, thatthesepatients haveabnormal default mode network in thebrain.

Professor Harry McConnell, also from Menzies Health Institute Queensland, paid tribute to Associate Professor Bhuta who said that he has achieved a “truly rare international honour.

“Associate Professor Bhuta’s accomplishments are highly respected overseas and this is a reflection ofhis commitment to neuroradiology.He will be a wonderful ambassador throughout the world for Griffith, Menzies and for the field of Neuroradiology. Professor Bhuta is one of the greatest experts in the field and we are blessed to have him with us doing world class research, teaching and clinical work.”