Griffith University continues to ride the wave in being recognised as a rising star in academic research.

One week after being named in Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal, as Oceania’s Nature Index Rising Star 2018, Griffith has made the list of leading research institutions in The Australian newspaper’s special Research supplement.

Associate Professor Rohan Davis (GRIDD) was named an expert in naturalmedicinesand medicinal plants.

The research leaders’ list, based on big data analysis of up-to-date publicly available information, singles out Griffith as an ’up-and-comer’ ranking the University at seventh in Australia for its representation across 250 individual fields of research.

Confirming Griffith’s rising research strength, the University demonstrates national leadership in 10 research fields and has 11 researchers who are leaders in their respective fields. (see list below)

Vice Chancellor and President Professor Ian O’Connor AC said the recognition affirms Griffith’s commitment to the attainment of excellence in research and innovation across a comprehensive range of disciplines, from discovery through to societal impact.

Professor Susanne Becken was named an expert in tourism and hospitality

“To be publicly lauded and highlighted as a rising star is a testament to the commitment and hard work by so many dedicated researchers and support staff at Griffith,” Professor O’Connor said.

Professor O’Connor added that such outcomes are the “culmination of a vision framed more than a decade ago to invest in areas of strategic research excellence, with a view to develop national leadership in selected fields”.

Dr Peta Neale was named an expert leader in the field of Environmental Science

Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Ned Pankhurst, described the recognition as compelling acknowledgement of the scientificand societal impact of Griffith research.

“These endeavours are consistent and sustained across a comprehensive range of disciplines which shows our researchers are internationally recognised for providing far-reaching solutions to global and regional challenges,” Professor Pankhurst said.

Griffith’s leading experts and institutions according to The Australian research Leaders’ List is below.


Discipline Field Leading Researcher Leading Institution
Business, Economics & Management Tourism & Hospitality Susanne Becken Griffith University
Engineering & Computer Science Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging Griffith University
Engineering & Computer Science Technology Law Griffith University
Engineering & Computer Science Architecture Zhonghua Gou
Engineering & Computer Science Ocean & Marine Engineering Amir Etemad Shahidi
Health & Medical Sciences Nursing Griffith University
Health & Medical Sciences Pregnancy & Childbirth Jenny Fenwick Griffith University
Health & Medical Sciences Natural Medicines & Medicinal Plants Rohan Davis
Humanities, Literature & Arts Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Griffith University
Social Sciences Criminology, Criminal Law & Policing Griffith University
Social Sciences Early Childhood Education Griffith University
Social Sciences Military Studies Griffith University
Social Sciences Social Work Griffith University
Social Sciences Teaching & Teacher Education Jeanne Allen
Social Sciences Diplomacy & International Relations Wesley Widmaier
Social Sciences Anthropology Tanya M Smith
Chemical & Material Sciences Organic Chemistry Rohan Davis
Life Sciences & Earth Sciences Environmental Sciences Peta Neale

Source: The Australian’s Research Leaders’ List 2018