Griffith University Bachelor of Education graduate Jessi Rankin loves her new position teaching Year 1 at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast.

“The transition from student to teacher seemed overwhelming when I first started studying,’’ she says.

“There were definitely times at Uni when I was stressed and overwhelmed, and I never thought I would see the end. But now that I have graduated and have a class of my own, every essay and late-night study was worth it. There is absolutely no job in the world that could possibly be better than what I get to do every day.

“I encourage everyone who has the desire to be a teacher, to get yourself into Griffith University and soak up as much knowledge and experience as you can.”

Jessi says while teaching Year 1 is very demanding, it is also very rewarding.

“My school is incredibly supportive and resourceful.There is never a time when I am stuck for help, I have so many avenues for guidance and am alwaysstrengthened by my colleagues.

“My students are my greatest challenge and greatest joy, and I feel privileged to be a part of shaping their journey.”

Jessi said her study at Griffith enabled her to gain understanding across a broad range of educational disciplines.

‘Some of my favourite courses were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Diverse Learners studies, Mathematics Education and my HPE major courses. Each of these gave valuable learning that I have carried into my teaching this year.

A keen athlete, Jessi is a competitive playerin AFL, and has played the first inaugural season for the Surfers Paradise Griffith Demonettes. In 2017 she also won a prestigiousAustralian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) Award.

“Although I did not gain a HPE teaching role, the skills that I learnt in this course have been transferrable and I love educating my class on their physical and mental health,’’ she says.

Her goal as a teacher is to never settle.

“I want to be that teacher that doesn’t stop learning. I would eventually like to take my teaching to a rural Australia community, and assist in guiding those children who may not always have access to the highest-quality education.

“The future for me is to be a lifelong learner, a term I learnt at Griffith. This means I will continue my educational journey across my life and never stop wanting to teach children to be compassionate, and inquisitive learners.

“I would recommend Griffith education to prospective students as it pushes you to be a hard-working and forward-thinking teacher, something that I know every school will find invaluable.”

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