Mainfreight Scholarship a perfect fit for winner Mary Cortes

Mary Cortes Griffith Business School Mainfreight Scholarship
Mary Cortes.

Griffith Business School student Mary Cortes couldn’t quite believe it when she was told she was the winner of the Mainfreight Scholarship. “It’s a highly competitive scholarship and being the recipient is really a great blessing. I am so grateful to Mainfreight for considering me as the deserving candidate,” Mary says.

As a part of the award, Mary will receive $8000 to assist her as she works towards completing her Bachelor of Business degree. “Having this scholarship helps me to focus more on my studies, and this year is especially crucial because it’s my last year so I needn’t worry financially as much.

“I also want to pursue further studies in the future and this win has given me more confidence to do so,” she explains.

During her first year of study, Mary had actually chosen global logistics provider Mainfreight Australia as a company on which to focus for a report she produced in relation to her major. “I knew Mainfreight were a very reputable company so I chose to do my report on them,” she says. “It was such a coincidence when I came across the Mainfreight Scholarship on the Griffith University scholarship website!

“My majors are Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and International Management so this scholarship was a perfect opportunity for me, as it fit my degree.”

She was thrilled when she found out she’d won. “When they broke the news to me I couldn’t quite believe it! I kept saying ‘Really?’ I was ecstatic and even in tears!

“The scholarship means a lot to me. Winning has expanded my network as I’ve met amazing and friendly people at Mainfreight International here in Brisbane during my site visit. It is also a great financial support during my time here at university, especially since I live on campus. This scholarship is also for my family and loved ones who have been supporting and encouraging me,” Mary says.

The GBS student says she chose to study at Griffith University because of their excellent reputation within the educational landscape. “Griffith University has become one of the best established universities in Australia, and listed within the top 300 in the world despite being relatively young,” she explains. “The University offers so many opportunities and is also culturally diverse which is great. I knew that with Griffith, I could have opportunity to achieve my personal and career goals.

“So far my Griffith Business School learning experience has been wonderful. The best thing for me is the support that they have given me throughout my studies. Whenever I’ve needed help, it was easy to access to academic workshops and library and student services. The quality of teaching of lecturers and tutors is excellent,” she says.

As well as being awarded the Mainfreight Scholarship, Mary has also been thoroughly engaged in various other opportunities GBS has on offer for students. “I was given a chance to go on an international internship in Japan in 2017 through the Global Mobility Internship Program,” Mary says. “The staff support I got throughout the internship, from the application process until now, has just been amazing. Special thanks to Kiri Stinson and Dr. Alan Blackman for their support in the program.” She says the experience was extremely beneficial for her, and encourages other students to consider Global Internships, with information readily available on the Griffith University website.

Mary says she hopes to have some downtime after she completes her studies before beginning her career. “Like many students, I do hope to travel and spend time with family and loved ones after I graduate! It would be a great way to unwind and relax before going into the workforce.”

But she certainly hasn’t stopped applying for further career opportunities. “As of this moment, I am in the process of applying for graduate programs and I am very open to any opportunities that will come my way after university,” she says.