2018 Integrity 20 – important ideas and cultural debate

Stan Grant, one of Australia’s most respected and awarded journalists, joined Madonna King in conversation at the State Library of Queensland for the launch of 2018Integrity 20program this week.

Speaking to a packed auditorium, Stan explored the corrosive nature of identity politics and the challenges facing the world today.

Stan is one of the esteemedspeakers at the 2018 Integrity 20 conference which, since 2014, has brought together philosophers, activists, innovators, educators, journalists, artists and visionaries for an exploration of some of the world’s greatest social, moral and political challenges.

The 2018 theme — ‘A World Divided’ — covers a range of issues fromthe crisis of democracyand unaccountable power of the digital giants to the increasing fragmentation of our societies andpolarization of public and political debate.

Featured speakers include social researcher and bestselling author Hugh Mackay, journalist and broadcaster Leigh Sales, renowned philosopherA. C. Grayling CBE, US-based North Korea expert Jean Leeand manymore.

Professor Paul Mazerolle said Integrity 20 was an important part of Brisbane’s cultural calendar that provides amuch neededpublicplatform fordialogue and debate.

“As Integrity 20 enters its fifth year, the challenges occurring throughout the world reinforce the importance and indeed urgency for discussion on these issues as we strive to build a better world.”

Integrity 20will be held from October 25 to 26 at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, South Bank.