Digital Campus adds to Griffith’s growing footprint

In meeting the needs of a rapidly-changing world, Griffith University has launched a Digital campus. 

Building on its extensive presence across Southeast Queensland with campuses at Nathan, Gold Coast, South Bank, Mount Gravatt and Logan, the university has now opened the virtual doors of its Digital campus to the world. 

The Digital campus is already Griffith’s third largest campus and now its fastest growing campus. 

“During the past 10 years the world has seen a rapid uptake of online learning and Griffith University has been to the forefront of this educational revolution in Australia,” Professor Debra Henly, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), said. 

Pro Vice Chancellor (Griffith Sciences) Professor Debra Henly
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Professor Debra Henly

The educational infrastructure of Griffith University has been consistently updated to meet the new and emerging needs of the 21st century student, culminating with the launch of the Digital campus.

This sixth campus will focus on and cater for the requirements of the modern student undertaking an online program. The particular needs of part-time students, for example, will inform the design and delivery of new and current programs on offer through the Digital campus. 

As the range and depth of online programs has quickly increased since the turn of the millennium, Griffith University has also invested significantly in its teaching and professional staff, continuously upskilling its lecturers in the teaching practices and technology that support effective online learning. 

“While the needs of the traditional on-campus student will continue to be addressed and looked after, we can also promise that students enrolling at Griffith’s Digital campus will have a unique learning experience,” Professor Henly said.